Working from home has meant a lot more working from phones. Cell phones are a powerful tool if we can manage them.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Tips for better user research interviews. Tips for better conversations.

man writing in notebook listening
man writing in notebook listening
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When degraded and interrupted audio affects the workplace, here is what we can do about it.

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Significant mobile app updates during the pandemic and what they mean.

Uber Eats updated its app at least 4 times per month since May (image credit: Charles Deluvio)

We tend to trust what we hear from others is true and we consistently misunderstand each other. The result is that we miss opportunities to build the products our customers need. But there are ways to avoid this trap.

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John Haglund

Digital products and service design at Accenture. I write on Medium about behaviors, trends, and digital. Views are my own.

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